11.30.18Alissa & Shawn Sterling

Hi. Our son is interested in taking private lessons in viola. He currently plays in the Toledo Symphony Youth Orchestra and would like to improve his skills. Betsy Cranston is his orchestra director and recommended you as a good fit for our son. Are you taking on new students? If so, could we discuss further?

11.07.18Megan Rodriguez

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08.30.18Niklas Proby

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02.16.18Bianca Walker

Dear Steven Kruse,

My name is Bianca Walker, and I am a representative of the Indiana University Student ASTA Chapter. I am writing to ask if your organization would be willing to provide any prizes for the National Orchestra Festival Instagram Scavenger Hunt during the 2018 ASTA Conference on March 7-10 in Atlanta, Georgia. Last year was the first year of the activity, and it was a great success! This year we wish to expand in order to reach even more students and schools. The teams who win the scavenger hunt will receive prizes provided by the vendors.

What kind of prizes?
Anything is welcome! Last year, students reaching the end of the scavenger hunt received free sets of strings, rosin cakes, decks of cards, information about the vendor, t-shirts, pencils, cleaning cloths, stickers, candy, coupons - you name it! We welcome it all! The schools and students were THRILLED with what they received. And, many of them spent a great deal of time researching the products and talking about the brands.

What do the vendors get?
If the vendor supplies any level of prizes they will be included in our scavenger hunt, meaning that students and their families will be stopping by their booth, perusing merchandise, and posting photos to Instagram.

How we will get the materials:
Simply bring the materials to the conference and the prize committee will pick them up at the beginning of the vendor session.

If your organization would like to participate, please send your reply as soon as you can so that we can come up with clues for the game. Also, please inform us of the prize you plan on supplying and your booth number, if possible.

Many thanks,
Bianca Walker

04.11.13Eira Rojas

Hi Steven,

I\'m so happy I found this website. I hope my email is welcome and finds you well... I\'m an art historian doing some research on your grandfather, A. Z. Kruse. I had just a couple of factual questions that I was wondering if you could answer... If you have a moment, please contact me at eiraroj@gmail.com. I\'m working on a painting called Self-Portrait of an Art Critic from 1936, and was wondering if you would have any information on that period of your grandfather\'s life - where he was working as a critic, and perhaps any personal opinions he had of his work as a critic. (The painting is a very witty depiction of him as Pan, and I imagine he perhaps thought of himself as panning the exibitions he visited. But I read many of his reviews for the Brooklyn Eagle - which were written after 1936 - and he seemed like such a generous champion of the arts, I have a hard time reconciling the two images.)
If you can help, I would of course greatly appreciate your time. If not, I understand, and you have my thanks anyway - reading so much about him, your grandmother Anna and your parents has been a wonderful experience...



01.22.12Joan Gollub

Hello Steven, I don,t even know if you remember me...I think the last time I saw you you were about 14. However, in the photo of you playing the violin, your expression is exactly as I remember.
I was closer with your grandmother, Anna, but I remember coming out to your Tujunga home for events during my childhood. Anyway, I thought of you today and looked you up. Good to know that you are a successful musician. I am still a painter and I live in Mexico. Joan Gollub

01.14.12AnneMarie Dawson

Just wondering how you are these days..... AnneMarie &Terry Dawson

03.24.11Brigelle Thomas

Hi Mr. Kruse,

We're considering having Eli join the Toledo Junior Youth Orchestra. It would give him a chance to learn to play with others and really let him use what he's learning. What do you think? Auditions are the middle of May, he needs to 1. perform a short solo excerpt or etude that demonstrates ability (Suzuki 4 or higher) 2. sight read 3. play major scales one/two octaves D,G,D,A,E,F,B flat. Wondering if you can help him choose what he needs at his next lesson on April 8th.

Thanks so much,

09.25.10Teodora Peeva

Dr. Kruse,
I am a DMA student in viola performance at Louisiana State University. I am in the midst of working on my dissertation and researching the life and work of Ms. Lillian Fuchs. As part of my research, I would like to gather information from some of those who were fortunate to know and study with Ms. Fuchs. I would like to express my interest in interviewing you as I believe your knowledge and experience would be of great interest to the project and to those reading the finished product. I would be happy to send you a copy of the prospectus for my paper where you can find a more detailed explanation of my plan and ideas. Thank you so much for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you!
Best regards,
Teodora Peeva

07.17.09Valerie Moore

Hi Dr. Kruse,
I just got off a facebook chat with Yumi and wanted to get in touch with you. I live in Chicago now, have a serious boyfriend, and am job hunting (like the rest of the city) for a position in arts fundraising. I still play in the University of Chicago's orchestra, but not a lot since I am just too prone to injuries. The boyfriend's family is in Columbus, Ohio and I understand that I-80 runs through Toledo from Chicago to Columbus. Would you like to get together next time we go to visit his folks?
Valerie Moore
UMKC 2000-2005


I just got your Holiday card so had to check out your website! It looks really nice. All my love, Nat